" Gold, Silver, Copper, Antique and Champagne Leafing Process "

Champagne Leafing suits best for the area where Client neither wants to do Gold leafing nor Silver leafing. Champagne is the middle tone of Gold and Silver Leafing. As the name suggests the Champagne Effect in leafing represents the same tint. We can also compare the feel of Champagne Leafing with Honey Dew.

The champagne leafing not only gives the subtle effect and feel to the walls and ceilings, it also gives the two toned impression of Gold as well as Silver. Champagne Leafing increases the luster of the surface and provides a very contemporary look. There are two types of champagne leafing viz. light and dark.

We can renovate any space with champagne leafing that will be a guaranteed eye-catching gaze to visitors. Not only installation, but Gold Craft Studio®  also provides maintenance services to our clients on a regular basis. We try our best with the most up-to-date resources at our backyard to keep your gilded place new and shining 24x7x365.

The highlights of Gold Craft Studio for which one should select our firm is the excellence of raw materials used to gild your objects along with the modern techniques used by our firm in combination to the innovative designs. Our extensive experience and skilled employees with dedication to serve for the satisfaction of our clients are the secret to our success.

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