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" Gold, Silver, Copper, Antique and Champagne Leafing Process "

Gold Leafing

Very Interestingly Gold leaf was an art in Bronze Age to wrap objects in very thin gold foils in an "unprocessed" state, without gilding process. As necessity is the mother of all inventions, the wrapping of object permanently in Gold gave birth to Gilding which is also called as “Gold Leafing”. Gold Leafing was actually started 2000 BC by Egyptian civilization to Gold Leaf the Mummies. Then It was revolutionised in Europe and slowly and steadily it started growing all across the globe. And now it is used as the most luxurious interior decoration in modern Indian Society as well.
Gold Craft Studio® smashes new records in the gold gilding segment by providing ultra-modern services. We offer tasteful astounding leafing finishes that marks the excellence into the objects. Gold Craft Studio® has come up among the apex gilding firms in India.
We have expertise in providing the best of the services to our clients on all types of desired objects and surfaces. Our portfolio of products and services varies from small scale industries to large scale industries, to a three bedroom flats to high end bungalows. Now Gold Leafing is in thing in the interior decoration industry. Majority of our client consists of hospitality industry, holy places and high net worth individuals who wish to decorate their homes in a dazzling style.

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