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Late Haji Mohammed Ashraf Khan
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Our Inspiration- Late Haji Mohammed Ashraf Khan

Shakil Khan
Shakil  Khan

Shakil Khan is Founder and CEO of Gold Craft Studio ® with a diversified background. He is a management expert and with innate creativity wherein his conquest to bring out innovative designs has been the fore fold of this success.

He is a perfectionist by virtue, thus goes by his reputation as a workaholic to the core. Designing and creating new ideas are his forte and his blend with Gold Craft Studio® has enabled us to weave new dimensions of modern, abstract and contemporary art with a generous indulgence of gold leafing through his power packed foresight and dedicated teamwork.

Gold Craft Studio® has been the core endeavour of Shakil Khan and he believes that leafing (Gilding) is historical art of royalty and with his inherited ancestral skills, he envisages Gold Craft Studio® to be the platform for providing unique designs and creative finishes to a larger medium of audiences pan India. He further envisages initiating the development of an Institute for the Art Conscious People to learn how to do Gold & Silver Leafing.

Masood Khan
Masood  Khan

Masood Khan is the co-founder and Director of Gold Craft Studio ® . He is one of the leading and well renowned Interior Designer with more than two decades of successful innings in excellence. His enigmatic ways of working ensures that Craftsmen are cognizant of the project nuances.

He believes in few parameters which inspires the whole team of Gold Craft Studio® such as Pre scheduling, team work discussion and lastly executing the project to reach its finest finish. His involvement and commitment are so strong that he keeps the company on absolute equilibrium.

Masood Khan believes that every project should be accomplished with true devotion and never compromises on outcome of the project or product, even if the project is as small as 10 Sq. feet or 10,000 Sq. feet. He provides the right momentum to Gold Craft Studio® by making it obstinate in all ways.

Shakil Khan
Roohi  Shakil Khan

Roohi Khan is co-founder and head of R & D department of the Company. She has been involved in all the projects of Gold Craft Studio ® as a Creative Head. She is naturally talented in the area of Art and has been awarded in various fields of Art and Craft.

Her artistic skills and prudence has elevated Gold Craft Studio ® to its core threshold. She is obsessive in the matter of scheming. Her endeavour has always been to introduce more and more audiences to Classical and Contemporary Art that go beyond geographical boundaries. Roohi Khan’s latest contribution to Gold Craft Studio® is the set of 50 Patent Samples of Gold, Silver, Copper, Antique and Champagne Leafing. She also takes care of the Customized samples as desired by Architects and Interior Designers.

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