Gold Craft Studio® provides a plethora of gilding services on the process of Gold, Silver, Copper, Champagne and Antique Leafing thereby transforming any surface i.e. POP, Wood, Metallic Surface, Glass Surface and many more into a desired royal or contemporary finish.

The following services are provided by Gold Craft Studio® :

  1. Gold Leafing.
  2. Silver Leafing.
  3. Copper Leafing.
  4. Champagne Leafing.
  5. Antique Leafing.
  6. Customized Leafing.

We also provide a sample Album containing 50 Samples.

We translate your imagination through innovative concept at cost effective rates.

We provide Samples as per your required design and finish to your liking and approval.

We provide complete value addition and assurance to our clients by ensuring our workmanship lasts long and strong with 5 years of Guarantee.

We provide Free annual maintenance service for 1 year.


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